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I am Jesal Shah, a Strategic and Industrial designer by training, currently based in the Netherlands.

Owing to my varied interests, I like to challenge myself with projects from different domains. This is exemplified by the variety of projects in my portfolio, as well as the fact that over the years I have built myself a skillset to tackle innovation challenges within different design domains - from product and service design to business and innovation strategy, organizational and supply chain design, transition design, design for behavior change, as well as using design for social innovation in the public sector. Given this background, I bring a variety of design tools, methods and strategies to the team and projects. 

My current focus is to enable societal and technological transitions to a sustainable future through design and strategy interventions at the user, organizational as well macro-economical scales. 

When not working, you will find me reading, travelling, tending to my plants, listening to Indian classical music or cooking. 

Always open to discussions and opportunities to collaborate. Reach out to me at


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Have a knack of untangling complexity

and prioritization. 

Unearthing deeper meanings, insights, patterns & translating these into actionable items, opportunities, innovations, complete wholes, narratives.  

I pride myself in easily being able to swap between big picture thinking and a detail- oriented mindset; and connect the big picture with details. 


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